Portable First Indexing for All New Domain Names on Google

Portable First Indexing for All-New Domain Names on Google

Google is making a big change on June 1, in which they started talking about 2016 and finally coming live in the next month. This idea makes much sense, but it can leave some website owners in a complex situation if they do not already take the first step of mobile.

This means that when a new website is registered it will be crawled by Google's smartphone Googlebot and its mobile-friendly content will be indexed for its pages, as well as to understand the site's structural data and to show snippets from Google's site. Relevant results, search results

Many of you know that when you go to the mobile phone on my blog, it is quite different. I have a nice simple plug-in for WordPress that works this for me. Ads go away, all confusions disappear, and there is a focus on what should be in mobile content instead.

However, there are a number of websites and blogs that do not have a great mobile experience, and they will probably begin to target fewer traffic from searches starting in June. Google's mobile version of a site is not used to find content for indexing, for several years now it has been ranked among the top mobile phone operators:

As we mentioned at the beginning of this year, today we started launching our mobile-friendly updates worldwide. We are improving the mobile-friendly pages ranking in mobile search results. Now searchers can find high-quality and relevant results more easily, where the text is readable without tapping or zooming, the targets are moved properly and the page avoids unnecessary content or horizontal scrolling.

The good news is that making your site mobile-friendly is never easy, especially if you use a WordPress-like platform. Here's a simple article that compares the seven different WordPress plugins to your mobile on the blog.

Do not use WordPress? Do not worry. Here's a solid article to help you understand how to make your site mobile friendly and if you are not a developer, do not worry there, now there are more web developers than before and the workarounds can help you connect with one another. For a fraction of what you paid just a few years ago.

It is important to remember that when you make the web on the web (your man still says) on your desktop with a huge monitor, most people in the world are watching your site on your small screen ... and the trend is here to stay.

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