New Cars Buy, Used Cars Buy, Buy a Car, Sell Your Car

New Cars Buy, Used Cars Buy, Buy a Car, Sell Your Car

Berlin motor is not a freight forwarder or navigator. We have licensed car dealers by exporting worldwide cars for private and commercial customers in the United States, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Car Buying, Shipping, and Export - We can arrange to ship for any vehicle anywhere.
Buy/purchase exclusive flat rates: $ 1000.

Berlin Motors Worldwide offers global car rental, shipping and export services - especially in Europe, the Middle East, China, and Australia, especially in car imports. We provide safe vehicle escrow services for our clients, for e-motor and other US online auto auction websites to purchase cars safely on behalf of our customers. Through offices in Germany and the United States, Berlin Motors can assist with the transportation and importation of complete vehicles anywhere in the world. As licensed and insured car dealers and transport brokers in the US, we only transport our vehicles through selected shipping partners by filling our high standards.

Once you find a car that is interested, please contact us for our free estimate without any liability from the seller. Request a quote, contact us or call us at 001-786-708-0215 ​​or learn more about our recommended Global Car Buying, Shipping and Export Services. We adjust the unloading and customs clearance at the destination. In Germany, for example, all services are edited to deal with the same organization, any agent or another representative.

Thank you volume discount through our transport partner thanks to the most competitive vehicle shipping rates of our clients.
We can provide storage in different warehouses in Miami, Los Angeles, and Oakland and internationally in Bremen and Dubai.

We purchase vehicles on behalf of our clients from owners, banks, insurance companies, foreclosures, police auction, eBay and direct auction of merchants in Germany, USA and Canada at a flat rate.

Car shipping China
Did you find your dream car? We can import and distribute your car from America to China or anywhere in the world.

Driving in Dubai
As an authorized vehicle dealer and exporter, we will help our clients to buy and import automobile in Dubai and everywhere.

Car shipping in Germany
We can assist you at every step of the buying process and can arrange to drive your car from anywhere in the US or the world.

Global Car Buying and Shipping
Car Holding Shack
Berlin Motor is a licensed car manufacturer and exporter of Holland and Exporter for Buying and Importing Vehicles in the World.
Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Miami, Rotterdam, Jacksonville, New York, Vancouver, Montreal, Bremerhaven...

Germany, Holland, Norway, Sweden, China, Russia, Africa, Australia, Japan, UAE...

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