Google has introduced self-driving bicycles in the Netherlands

Google has introduced self-driving bicycles in the Netherlands

Take note from Google, the brand's best April Fools Day Sparks make fun of themselves. In a clear explosion of its own driving cars, Google Netherlands launched a parody video publishing a new video on Friday: automotive bicycles.

Although clips of American car culture, automotive inventions, and clips in the Netherlands's bicycle culture are fun, it is not easy and can easily be a one-day model.

Google launches Google Soul driving bike in Amsterdam, the world's largest cycling city. The Dutch cycle is more than 15 billion kilometers per year, almost 900 kilometers per year, than any other country in the world. Self-driving bicycles enable for safe navigation from the city for Amsterdam residents and enhance Google's ambition to improve urban mobility with technology. Google Netherlands has worked with pride that a Dutch team has worked on its dominant influence in this country.

There are many bicycle accidents in the Netherlands and self-propelled bicycles will significantly reduce the proportion of people involved in the accident. Seriously, yes, they are driving self-driving bikes to reduce bicycle accidents. It is safe even if it is already safe to drive bikes rather than driving in terms of life-changing. Look, I told you weird. They then introduce a feature called "Pick Me Up", where you can tap a button on a smartphone and the bike can pick you from wherever you are.

This means that many people do not drive with any one of them to somebody else. The tram is dragged this morning, but the new house is roaming? No problem, the bike will drive to you and then drive it to your own home !!

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